Our Business ~ Our Life: Highview Angus Ranch

Highview Angus Ranch‘s Feature Presentation and for the first time ever, a short film “2017 at Highview Angus Ranch ~ “Our Business — Our Life” by Angelika Ursula Dietrich of Eagle Cap Media Productions.

Come along with us as we capture the scenes of our daily ranch work, animals, mother nature, and the incredible vistas that surround us each and every day.

“Our Business—Our Life” not only reflects our mortal existence and spirit, but a lifestyle that is utterly embedded deep into our being. The extraordinary dedication to all our animals no matter the weather or circumstances might seem peculiar to some but is just something we are deep down to our core.

We also include a “Tribute” to two of our very beloved animal friends: One whom left us after 17 wonderful years of doggie life, the other too soon after only 18 months in his playful and precious equine life. Their impact will be forever engraved into our hearts and our memories will never forget them.

We hope this short film also serves as a testimonial and recognition beyond our own for everyone in American Farm & Agriculture who help produce the safest, most abundant, affordable, and yet enjoyable food supply in the world.

Highview Angus Ranch has been family owned and operated below the Wallowa Mountains near Enterprise, Oregon USA since 1960. Please enjoy an inside reflection of who we are and shall continue to be…2017 at Highview Angus Ranch ~ “Our Business — Our Life”